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Welcome to the RetroMC wiki!
This is a collaborative documentation website dedicated to a Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 server named RetroMC.
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This wiki was made to cover basic information as well as some of the more in-depth topics within the server, such as the ban system, the land claiming plugin & so on.
If you want to contribute to this wiki, see Wiki contribution guide.

  • Wiki creation date: May 7 2023

Mostly managed by: 16.png CruxyMC, 16.png Noggisoggi, 16.png thecow275 and 16.png jcheese7.

Database manager: 16.png notsui

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Useful links

  1. BetaEvolutions
  2. Cape Changer
  3. Discord Server Invite
  4. J-Stats
  5. RetroMC GitHub organization
  6. Public projects list hosted on Trello
  7. Staff Application
  8. Ban Appeal
  9. Server Status
  10. Legacy Server Trackers
  11. LMBD, Formely Johny Bans
  12. Staff onboarding guide
  13. RetroMC Staff Policy Manual (RSPM)
  14. JohnyMuffin's public archive