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Welcome to the RetroMC wiki!
This is a collaborative documentation website dedicated to a Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 server named RetroMC.
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This wiki was made to cover basic information as well as some of the more in-depth topics within the server, such as the ban system, the land claiming plugin & so on.
If you want to contribute to this wiki, see Wiki contribution guide.

Wiki creation date: May 7 2023 | Article count: 142 | All pages

Directors and Managers Main Moderators Database Managers

16.png CruxyMC
16.png Noggisoggi
16.png thecow275

16.png sshshark
16.png Garsooon

16.png notsui
16.png Noggisoggi
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Community Links

RetroMC website

Minecraft Server on b1.7.3 (Beta 1.7.3)

Discord Server Invite


World Map

Steam Community Group

A mod to fix skins, sound & authentication.


Cape Changer
Only for players with Mystic and above.
Capes are provided by BetaEvolutions.

Self-Service Links

Password Reset Instructions

Ban Appeal Form

Server Status

ChestShop directory


Website to track player statstics on RetroMC
Made by 16.png notsui and 16.png JohnyMuffin.

GitHub organization

Public projects list hosted on Trello

Staff Application Form

Staff onboarding guide

RetroMC Staff Policy Manual (RSPM)

LMBD (Johny Bans)

Legacy Server Trackers
Alternative frontend for Legacy MC Server List.
Made by 16.png notsui.
Minetrack fork that adds more features.
Made by 16.png JohnyMuffin.

16.png JohnyMuffin's public archive
Hosts world downloads of past iterations of RMC and BL.