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RetroMC is a server centered around a particular version, Beta 1.7.3, catering towards those who are interested in this version and era of Minecraft.
Fixes are implemented to thwart exploits and such, via the use of Project Poisedon, a CB 1070 fork, patches to plugins, and in-house plugins.
It is not affliated with the developers/owners of Minecraft, Mojang Studios and Microsoft Corporation, in any way.
It also does not affliate itself with global politics, religious organizations, or anything that could compromise RetroMC's neutral stance.

Players must follow the rules for each respective platform upon joining.

General (all platforms)

External links (not owned by RetroMC) are not under RMC's responsibility to check if all of the content on there are safe, *unless* user(s) who post (links or otherwise) purely for:

  • spreading malicious and/or pirated software
  • diffusing NSFW content
  • creating/spreading drama and related topics

will be punished as per the server rules.
Any occurence of rule violations must be handled through the Discord guild. (#helpdesk -> Report Player)
If the violation is happening in-game, players can contact staff members if they're online as well.


Discord's community guidelines and terms of service must be followed in order to join the guild.
The #helpdesk channel is the entry point for making tickets - in-depth reporting and support can be done through this system.
However, the scope of the tickets is limited to RetroMC specifically - issues about personal drama, off-topic stuff, etc. are not dealt with the ticket system.


The wiki is completely maintained by volunteers - normal players and staff members alike.
As such, information on this wiki may not always be updated/valid, and staff cannot completely guarantee all info on the wiki is valid (or not).
This wiki can also be edited by players who have joined RMC and are linked on the Discord guild.