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This is the guide for users who are new to editing wikis in general, and a style reference for all editors on the RetroMC wiki.

Important info


You are encouraged to create a page for a town, a project you made on the server, et cetera, it should be kept in mind that server rules will apply here, so please use your common sense.
For the wiki in particular:

  1. Don't post NSFW or hateful content.
  2. Don't self advertise for anything other than content you have made relating to RetroMC.
  3. You can fix formatting, add links and images (provided that they are on-topic for the page you are editing) without permission.
    You will need permission if you want to make major edits.
  4. Don't vandalize/grief!

Punishments are given to users as blocks (disabling of edits) - these will range from temporary to permanent depending on the serverity of a rule-breaking action.
Wiki blocks will not get you banned on the Minecraft/Discord servers unless the offending action is extremely severe.
However, MC/Discord bans will result in your account on the wiki being blocked unless your bans on those platforms are lifted.

Password resets

Special:PasswordReset. Only works if you added an email address when you created your account.

Creating your account

Head to Special:CreateAccount, and make an account with the same name you use in the Minecraft server.
This is for moderation purposes. If an account namesquats (uses a popular username), then it'll be blocked unless the user who created it or the MC username owner verifies it in in a ticket (#helpdesk).

To log into your account, use Special:UserLogin.

Page creation

Simply search for the name of the page you want, then click on the red link in the "Create the page "[page name]"...".

Reference these pages on MediaWiki:

Style guide

  • A neutral PoV and usage of third person pronouns are preferred for most pages – however, an advisory/instructional PoV (giving instructions on what (not) to do, witty text, using words such as "You", "I", etc. outside of quotations) can be used inside of guides (like this very page) and userpages.
  • Bold and italic text (see cheatsheet) can be used to emphasise text, though take care to not overuse them.
  • Profanity usage should be avoided as much as possible unless they are a part of a username, sign, etc.
  • Spellings derived from Commonwealth English, US English, and other variants are allowed and interchangable.

⚠️ Warning: Template:MCColor and the color parameter in CSS need to be invoked as-is, with the same spelling, so the Commonwealth spelling can't be used.

Some pages about towns and server internals are good inspirations for the writing style on this wiki.
You can also utilize templates, such as Template:User (for adding user heads next to usernames), Template:Infobox, Template:Infobox User (user pages only) and Template:Infobox Town (Town/village pages only).
Template:MCColor can be used to add color. Wikipedia's policies and guidelines is also another good resource if you have the time, though they are loosely followed:


Format Output Notes
hmm<br>oh ok hmm
oh ok
'<br>' is the newline tag; you will use this a lot.
The [[Dungeon]]'s 8th floor is full of horrors.. The Dungeon's 8th floor is full of horrors.. The text between the square brackets link to an already-existing page.
'''bold''' bold Used at the start of pages to highlight a name if applicable.

It can be used to emphasize a statement; though its effectiveness will decrease if it's overused.

''italics'' italics Used for quotations, new words, emphasis, etc.
<code>/help</code> /help Use it for commands, values, etc.
<nowiki>'''hmmm'''</nowiki> '''hmmm''' Note the '<nowiki>' tags - it is used to disable additional wiki formatting in text enclosed inside the tags.

/!\ /!\ /!\ /!\

2nd parameter is the color code/name; see Module:MCColor/data for the list.

3rd parameter is the text to be colored.

{{user|Noggisoggi}} and {{user-nonwiki|Noggisoggi}} are good people.

16.png Noggisoggi and 16.png Noggisoggi are good people.

Disregarding the nonsensical example, both Template:User (links to userpage) and Template:User-nonwiki (without userpage) can be utilized to give pages a bit more detail.
Press {{button|R}} to fly and go brrrr- oh wait, it's [[Ranks#Helper|staff only]].. Press R to fly and go brrrr- oh wait, it's staff only.. You won't use Template:Button often – it's only used in the context of guides, where a button or a key is to be mentioned.
<!-- hmmmmm --> Text between those tags are only displayed when viewing the page's source.

Hopefully, with this guide, you should be able to contribute to the wiki with style :^)
- 16.png Noggisoggi