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Failure to comply with these rules will get you warned, muted and/or banned.

Important Notes

  • You must be aged 13 years or above in order to play.

Bans will be permanent for players under 13, due to COPPA regulations.

  • Rule enforcements are up to the direction of staff members, please don't argue with the staff against an enforcement.

If you need need clarification regarding an enforcement, you can enqire staff about it.

  • All of these rules are heavily enforced by staff members.

Minecraft server rules

  1. No hacking, cheating, duping or exploiting.
    • Keep all cheating away from our community.
    • Mini-maps, Optifine, and other cosmetic mods are allowed.
  2. Be respectful. Do not kill or tp-trap other players.
    • Only English is allowed in the chat; derogatory language or NSFW is not allowed.
    • Do not purposefully ruin the experiences of other players.
  3. No griefing at all. Even abandoned/unclaimed bases.
    • Breaking/modifying any blocks without permission is considered griefing.
    • This is not allowed in any capacity. You will be punished.
  4. No advertising of any kind.
    • Casual references to other servers are permissible, but incessantly bringing them up or actively trying to recruit players for them qualifies as advertising.
    • Do not use our community to advertise any other content we do not endorse.
  5. Non-approved bot accounts are not allowed.
    • No botting or use of programs that enable this behavior.
  6. Do not impersonate any player. No namesquatting.
    • You must pay for the game to play.
    • Suspicious accounts may be subject to password resets.
  7. Do not claim close to another town.
    • Keep your town far enough away from other player's towns to prevent claim issues.
    • The only exception to this rule if the other town(s) agrees to it.
  8. Do not automate farms using external programs.
  9. Do not ban or mute evade, you will double your punishment.
    • This includes using in-game chat Discord channels when muted.

Discord server rules

  1. No advertising.
    • Do not advertise anything unrelated to RetroMC or Betalands on the Discord.
  2. No NFSW or Age-Restricted content.
    • Do not post any suggestive or 18+ content anywhere.
  3. No disrespect or drama.
    • It is a block game. Please be respectful and non-dramatic.
  4. No spamming or being off-topic.
    • Use channels as intended; do not attempt to spam.
  5. Piracy is never allowed.
    • Accessing RetroMC or Betalands resources without a legitimate paid Minecraft account is not allowed.
  6. Don't discuss cheating, glitching, exploiting, etc. outside of tickets.
    • Discretely report these to ⁠the #helpdesk channel on the Discord server for a reward instead.

Detailed rules

  1. NSFW content is not allowed on both in-game and on the Discord server, including but not limited to
    • Vulgar/Explicit content
    • Homophobia
    • Racism
    • 18+ discussions
    • Any content deemed inappropriate by staff
  2. Be respectful towards other players and staff members alike.
    • Be kind.
    • Stop when you are told to.
    • Do not harass or bully anyone on the server.
    • Do not attempt at starting drama
    • Do not kill or teleport-trap players
    • Do not advertise anything unrelated to RetroMC or posting other servers' IP addresses or domain names.
    • Do not build near towns or builds that aren't yours
    • Do not send disrespectful messages towards other players
    • Keeping content within their specified channels;
      • Screenshots are bridged and any off-topic images will get your account warned/muted/banned.
    • Follow Discord TOS and guidelines
  3. No griefing or altering builds that aren't yours.
    • No destroying blocks
    • No taking blocks
    • No placing blocks where there shouldn't be blocks
    • No taking over a base that isn't yours, even if they're abandoned or unclaimed
    • No living in bases that aren't yours, even if they're abandoned or unclaimed
    • No using farms that aren't yours unless permitted, even if they're abandoned or unclaimed
  4. No hacking, cheating, duping, glitching, or exploiting bugs.
    • Do not use bugs to gain an unfair advantage.
    • If you find a bug, please report it in a ticket to #helpdesk channel on the Discord server.
    • Do not use macros or autoclickers while AFKing in mobfarms, automation programs such as baritone are prohibited.
    • Do not use non-approved alternative or bot accounts for your own advantage.
    • Do not transmutate and create crash slabs or abuse piston bugs that give you an economic advantage on the server.
    • Do not use any form of X-ray texture packs, mods or glitches.
  5. Exceptions
    Cosmetic, Quality of Life, Optifine, Mini-maps, Non-Cheating mods are allowed.
    • If you are unsure of what is allowed, please open a support ticket in #helpdesk
  6. Pirated/cracked/namesquatting software or accounts are not permitted
    • You must legally own the game to play
    • Any suspicious usernames may have their password reset, and/or kicked from the game
    • No impersonating or using other players' usernames
  7. No ban/mute evasion; this will double your punishment.
    • Do not use alternate accounts after being punished
    • Do not use in-game commands or features to get around your mute
    • Chatting in the in-game chat channels when muted or banned