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Failure to comply with these rules will get you warned, muted and/or banned.

Important Notes

  • You must be aged 13 years or above in order to play.

Bans will be permanent for players under 13, due to COPPA regulations.

  • Rule enforcements are up to the direction of staff members, please don't argue with the staff against an enforcement.

If you need need clarification regarding an enforcement, you can enqire staff about it.

  • All of these rules are heavily enforced by staff members as per the RPM.

Global rules

These apply to all platforms that RetroMC utilizes: this very wiki, the MC server, the Discord guild.

  1. Be respectful towards other players and staff members alike.
    • Please use common sense and common courtesy towards all players.
    • Do not kill or teleport-trap other players.
    • Do not purposefully ruin the experiences of other players.
    • Be kind and stop when you are told to.
    • Usage of derogatory language is not allowed.
    • Refrain from disrespect, harassment, or accusations against other players.
  2. No NFSW content.
    • All content sent by users, including profiles, builds and chat messages, etc., should follow server guidelines, avoiding NSFW, disruptive, racist, or hateful material.
    • Content that is forbidden: Vulgar/Explicit content, homophobia and other kinds of bigotry, racism, 18+ discussions.
    • Any content deemed inappropriate may be decided by staff discretion.
  3. No advertising of any kind.
    • Casual references to other servers are permissible, but incessantly bringing them up or actively trying to recruit players for them qualifies as advertising.
    • Do not use our community to advertise any other content we do not endorse.
  4. Non-approved bot accounts are not allowed.
  5. Political or religious discussion is forbidden.
  6. Pirated/cracked/namesquatting software or accounts are not permitted.
    • You must pay for the game to play.
    • Any suspicious usernames may have their password reset, and/or kicked from the game.
    • No impersonating or using other players' usernames.
    • You must legally own the game to play.
  7. No spamming or being off-topic.
    • Use channels as intended; do not attempt to spam.
  8. Do not evade any punishment issued by staff (bans/mutes); you will double your punishment if you do.
    • This includes using in-game chat Discord channels when muted.
    • Do not use alternate accounts after being punished.
    • Do not use in-game commands or features to get around your mute.
  9. Only English is allowed in public chats.
    • Private communications, including messages ("/msg", "/whisper", etc.) and mail ("/mail"), may be conducted in languages other than English. However, these communications must comply with all community standards.
    • Please be aware that staff monitoring includes oversight of all mail and direct messages to ensure rule compliance. For conversations requiring complete privacy, users are encouraged to seek alternative communication methods outside of the Minecraft Server and Discord.
    • Staff are not obligated to moderate in other languages.

Minecraft server rules

  1. No griefing at all. Even abandoned/unclaimed bases.
    • Breaking/modifying any blocks (that are part of a build) without permission is considered griefing.
    • No taking over/living in bases that isn't yours, even if they're abandoned or unclaimed.
    • No using farms that aren't yours unless permitted, even if they're abandoned or unclaimed
    • Exception: You may modify builds villages that you specifcially own if you seek approval via ticket as unauthorised modification can still count as griefing.
  2. No hacking, cheating, duping, glitching, or exploiting bugs.
    • Keep all cheating away from our community; do not use bugs to gain an unfair advantage.
    • If you find a bug, please discretely report it in a ticket to #helpdesk channel on the Discord guild for a reward.
    • Do not use macros or autoclickers while AFKing in mobfarms; you must be present (not AFK) to collect items at farms; automation programs such as baritone are prohibited.
    • 2 hours is the maximum time allowed for being AFK at mob farms; you may be subject to rule enforcement for being AFK for longer than that.
    • Do not use non-approved alternative or bot accounts for your own advantage.
    • Do not transmutate and create crash slabs or abuse piston bugs that give you an economic advantage on the server.
    • Do not use any form of X-ray (via texture packs, mods or glitches).
    • Exceptions: Cosmetic, quality-of-life, OptiFine, mini-maps, and non-cheating mods are allowed. If you are unsure of what is allowed, use the #helpdesk channel on the Discord guild.
  3. Do not claim close to another town.
    • Keep your town far enough away from other player's towns to prevent claim issues.
    • The only exception to this rule if the other town(s) agrees to it.

World downloading regulations

To ensure compliance with our guidelines and to avoid potential disputes, approval must be sought via a support ticket in the RetroMC Discord before carrying out any world download as unauthorized downloads are strictly prohibited and can result in severe penalties such as bans.
Download requests are normally approved for:

  • Temporary use for screenshots: To capture screenshots in modern Minecraft versions using shaders.
    • Such downloads must not be distributed and must be deleted immediately after use.
  • Personal builds: Chunks that predominantly include builds you have personally created may be approved for download.
  • Distribution and external use: World downloads intended for use on other servers or to create schematics for other servers are typically only approved if the builds are solely your creation.
    • For builds involving others, explicit approval is required.
  • Intent to archive: Village owners may be permitted to archive their village for personal records.
    • These archives must not be utilized on another server and should solely serve for historical preservation.

Download permissions for malicious uses, such as exploring hidden areas, copying build designs that aren't yours, or any activity potentially harmful to the server or its community, will NOT be granted.

Discord guild rules

Remember: The global rules apply here.

  1. Piracy is never allowed.
    • Accessing resources without a legitimate paid Minecraft account is not allowed.
    • Do not engage in discussion of pirated content; i.e.: NO links to illegal content.
  2. You must follow Discord TOS and Guidelines.
    • Follow Discord's Terms of Service and Guidelines. Users must be 13+.

Wiki rules

While you are encouraged to create a page for a town, a project you made on the server, etc., it should be kept in mind that the global rules will apply here, so please use your common sense.


  1. Your wiki username must be the same as the one you use in-game.
  2. Be respectful.
    • Don't post NSFW or hateful content.
    • Don't vandalize/grief/ruin any pages.
    • Don't create/bring drama.
    • Don't dox anyone. (It WILL get you banned on RetroMC on ALL platforms.)
  3. Don't self advertise for anything other than content you have made relating to RetroMC.
    • In your userpage (and only your userpage), you may link to your profile on other platforms, provided those platforms are safe-for-work.
  4. You can fix formatting, add links and images (provided that they are on-topic for the page you are editing) without permission; overhauls are also encouraged, provided your edits actually improve the page.
    • If your edit of a page changes a lot of info, it's best to seek permission.
    • Additionally, if you're creating/editing a town's page (for example), it's a good idea to verify the info you put onto the page with the assistants/owners/members of said town.
  5. Offtopic pages may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, but in general, try to make RetroMC-related pages.
  6. Don't create pages prefixed with User: apart from using your own username with it.

Punishments are given to users as blocks (disabling of edits) - these will range from temporary to permanent depending on the serverity of a rule-breaking action.
Wiki blocks will not get you banned on the Minecraft/Discord servers unless the offending action is extremely severe, but it can apply the other way around depending on the severity and up to staff discretion.
(MC/Discord ban --(Up to staff discretion)--> Wiki account block unless MC/DSC ban is lifted)
Blocks may be appealed via ticket.


  1. Image sources may be listed in the image summary/description when uploading through Special:Upload or when editing the image's summary on the page with its filename prefixed with File:
  2. NSFW stuff is forbidden.
    • The reason for this rule should be obvious.
  3. Images has to be related to RetroMC in some way.

Change management

Approvers and their responsibilities

Change Approver
Role: Administrators.
Responsibility: Approves significant content changes. Ensures changes align with the overarching goals and standards of the community.
Details: All content alterations (excluding exceptions below) must be approved by the designated Change Approver if an individual. If a rank must be approved by that rank or higher.
Minor Changes Approver
Role: RetroMC Community Management Team.
Responsibility: Handles minor edits such as grammar, spelling, and formatting.
Details: Corrections related to grammar, spelling, and formatting can be approved by a wider group of editors to ensure swift corrections without compromising content quality.

Change Management

Approval Process
All rule changes require approval from administrators. Significant changes also need a review from a server operator if feasible.
Before finalizing, gathering feedback from the broader staff team is encouraged to incorporate diverse perspectives and ensure comprehensive consideration of the impact on the community.
Implementation Process
  1. Communicate significant changes through an official announcement on Discord.
  2. Utilize automated server messages to inform players in-game about the updates if applicable.
  3. Specifically reach out to impacted players when applicable, ensuring they understand how the changes affect them.
  4. Enforcement actions should only occur after necessary approvals are secured and the community has been adequately informed. This staged approach helps prevent miscommunications and maintains transparency with the player base.